Apps and VLE

Registered users (trainees, staff, mentors and professional tutors) have access to a range of G-Suite apps and tools for online collaboration. Details of how to access these are provided below.


Access to email is via You will need your Cambridge Partnership email address and password.

E-portfolio sites

E-portfolios are provided by Google Sites. To access the e-portfolio sites go to You will need to log in to your Cambridge Partnership account with your Cambridge Parternship email and password to access the Sites app.

Google Drive

Access to documents on Google Drive is via You will need to log in to your Cambridge Partnership account with your Cambridge Partnership email and password to access the Drive app.

Google Apps

G-Suite hub for access to the range of applications is available at:
If you receive the message " is for G Suite accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to", simply click on the 'Add account' button and login to your Cambridge Partnership Google account.

The direct links to login in to the Google apps are:
Logging in to anyone of these provides an 9-square grid icon at the top right of the page which provides links to all of the Google apps available, so it is easy to switch between the different apps. Many people just use to login and then use the 9-square grid icon to switch between apps.

VLE (Moodle)

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a separate system from the Google tools. Please note that the VLE is for current trainees and staff at The Cambridge Partnership. To access the VLE go to You will have been provided with a username and initial password to access the VLE. The VLE password is separate from your Cambridge Partnership Google account password. School mentors and professional tutors do not have access to the VLE.

Mentors and professional tutors now have access to support documents via a dedicated mini-website This requires mentors and professional tutors to be logged in to their Cambridge Partnership Google account to access the mini-website and documents.