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Assessment Only route to QTS

If you are an experienced teacher with a degree, you can apply to be assessed for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through Assessment Only (AO).

The Assessment Only route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS, without the need for any further training. You will need to present detailed evidence, and your teaching will be assessed in school by us.

What is the Assessment Only Route?

The AO Route does not require candidates to undertake a period of training so if you are successful through selection, you move straight into the assessment process. The assessment period is expected to last no more than one term.

Who is this route designed for?

The AO Route is suitable for you if:
  • you have been teaching successfully for a minimum of two years full time or the equivalent
  • you are able to show experience of teaching in more than one school and across the relevant range of age and ability, and at least one of these schools is a state-funded mainstream school
  • you are already a competent classroom teacher
  • you will be employed in a teaching role for the duration of the assessment period at a school where you can meet the full requirements of the QTS Standards
  • you are in a school which will support you through the application and assessment process

What qualifications will I need?

You need:
  • a first degree (or bachelor's degree) of a United Kingdom higher education institution or equivalent qualification
  • GCSEs in English Language and mathematics at Grade 4 or Grade C or equivalent. If teaching pupils aged 5-11, then GCSE Grade 4 or Grade C or equivalent is also required in a science.

Where can I find out more?

Further information is available through the other pages of Assessment Only sub-site. Links are at the top of the page. These detail the AO Programme and are likely to answer many of your questions. The Application Form and the Lesson Observation Form can be downloaded by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the information available from the links on this page, you can contact us directly on 01487 833707 or by email at

Support for schools

The Assessment Only programme does not include any training, but constitutes only assessment against the Teachers' Standards. We have found in the past that some schools find additional guidance on AO to be very useful. We do therefore offer a preliminary visit designed for schools who may require assistance in the preparation of a candidate for The Cambridge Partnership's Assessment Only route to QTS. The visit may occur before the candidate's application, or following an application but prior to the commencement of the assessment process itself. We may need to charge a fee for a preliminary visit.

How do I apply?

Please read the other sections of the Assessment Only pages (links at the top of this page) and complete the Application Form. Please ensure that you have provided all required enclosures and send to:

The Cambridge Partnership
Swavesey Village College
Gibraltar Lane
CB24 4RS